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Jimmy Beldon

Jimmy Beldon

Jimmy Beldon, CDI, MA, a national leader in the interpreting field and a mentor to other interpreters for many years, specializes in consulting on interpreting and the interpreter referral business. In addition, Jimmy teaches at the St. Catherine University in the Interpreter Training Program on the St. Paul campus.

Jimmy is a native of Deaf culture and American Sign Language, as well as a trained and certified interpreter. Jimmy has gained prominence as a communication specialist and certified deaf interpreter throughout the court system. He also provides consulting on issues of Deaf culture, communication needs, and working with Deaf immigrants and/or refugees. Jimmy served on a national board for the Registry of Interpreters for 8 years and continues to volunteer his time for RID.

Patty McCutcheon

Patty McCutcheon, CSC, SC:L, BSM, is well known in the interpreting field as a model and mentor to interpreters in specialty areas. Patty has taught student and practicing interpreters about legal interpreting, performing arts interpreting, corporate board interpreting, and post-secondary interpreting. In addition to her 31 years of community interpreting experience, Patty has 25 years as a coordinator of interpreters in post-secondary settings. For 10 years, Patty served as a board officer for the Wisconsin Registry of Interpreters (WisRID), followed by two years as treasurer with the Minnesota Registry of Interpreters (MRID).

The KIS System™: a new level of interpreting service.

By being in, participating with, and listening to our customers—the Deaf community, the hearing community, and interpreting professionals—we now have the KIS System,™ a whole new level of interpreting solutions for our customers.

Keystone Interpreting Solutions is a unique partnership of two creative, talented and nationally known interpreters, one hearing and one Deaf, with over 30 years of community-based interpreting services, and 10+ years of developing, managing and providing video remote interpreting services. In addition to being Deaf-owned, KIS is a women-owned business.

We want you to…

  • Ask for the interpreters you know and trust.
  • Connect to interpreters whenever and wherever you are.
  • Choose from flexible, tiered billing options, including a VRI option with no two-hour minimum.

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Our Holistic Approach

Our KIS System™ holistic approach…

  • Creates trusted relationships and empowers consumer choice for the Deaf community.
  • Fosters communication and information sharing to better understand the choices in services for the hearing community.
  • Enables our independent interpreters to make the correct moral, ethical and productive decisions in their work.

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“Your work allowed me to do what I needed to do, and you were the utmost professional. I couldn’t have asked to have someone better by my side.”

—Murad M. Mohammad, Criminal Law Attorney


Deaf-owned, KIS is a unique partnership of two nationally known interpreters with over 30 years of interpreting experience.

Specialty Communities

Serving all interpreting needs with expertise in academic, legal, and healthcare settings, KIS provides the highest quality interpreters.

Video Remote Interpreting Services

The KIS VRI System™ is an easy option that may be used in a variety of settings. Read more about VRI…

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