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Video Remote Interpreting: The KIS System™

The Challenge

While video remote interpreting (VRI) technology is available today, existing video technology has many limitations. The current installed VRI technology is not convenient, not simple to use, and not easy to access for the provider or the Deaf client.

  • Each user must be trained and retrained on how to use the installed equipment
  • Complicated instructions make it difficult to connect with the interpreter
  • Limited number of VRI equipment per facility due to cost
  • Cumbersome mobility for use often make it difficult to find, set up and use

Like the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), KIS is concerned that deaf individuals continue to experience communications barriers in accessing services. In addition to the limits of the current video technology, it is difficult to find qualified interpreters that ensure effective communication for deaf consumers when they need it most, on short notice and 24 hours a day.

As is well known, most of our everday communication is brief but frequent exchanges. Providing interpreters on stand-by or on-call can be costly for short, but crucial communications that happen throughout the day and night.

The Solution

Keystone Interpreting Solutions, Inc. (KIS) is introducing a service delivery system that enables all businesses looking for easy access to high quality interpreting services through video technology on the Apple iPad2™. The KIS VRI System™ brings access to the Deaf clients anywhere, at anytime. This KIS VRI System requires minimal training, equipment and expense for the provider. By utilizing mainstream devices and video connection services, the KIS VRI System can customize our connection to bring you the team of interpreters that best fit the communication needs.

KIS offers a three-tiered billing system that allows the provider to customize their needs for services by paying on a per-minute basis. In this way, the provider can dock the iPad2 in a location closest to where the interpreter is needed. By connecting to the KIS video remote interpreter through the mobile iPad2, the hearing and deaf consumers are able to come together anywhere at anytime with a qualified interpreter in hand.

The KIS Video Remote Interpreting System™ is an easy option that may be used in a variety of settings. With the included collaborative needs assessment, KIS experts provide a customized plan to address the communication needs specific to your environment..

KIS has over 30 years experience providing interpreting services and understands that not every situation is best served by a video remote interpreter and has staff available for any back up, interpreting need. It is important that a technical liaison from the professional facility and KIS’s own technical staff be available for initial set up.

KIS understands and is aware of the increasing demands on your business personnel affording little time for training on new technology. KIS is committed to providing onsite training and expertise to ensure that all staff will be tutored in the ease of connecting to the KIS VRI System within minutes.

Keystone interpreting Solutions provides the KIS System that is flexible, simple, and convenient for Deaf consumer and provider alike.

The KIS System™ includes:

  • The KIS VRI System that includes an Apple iPad2, the KIS VRI System™
  • Customized needs assessment and support
  • On-site training that takes minutes
  • A three-tier, per-minute payment process
  • Experts with over 30-years experience in interpreting services
  • Live interpreters for all back-up needs

…makes us the best choice for VRI, anywhere, anytime.

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“Patty really came through at the last minute. From now on, we will use KIS whenever possible.”

—Brian Smith, Brown County Family Services, New Ulm, Minnesota


Deaf-owned, KIS is a unique partnership of two nationally known interpreters with over 30 years of interpreting experience.

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The KIS VRI System™ is an easy option that may be used in a variety of settings. Read more about VRI…

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