Locally Owned. Deaf-Led. Community Driven.

Led by two Deaf and Hearing interpreters with combined professional experiences, leading the way for trusted access.

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Keystone Interpreting Solutions is a Deaf-owned, woman-owned partnership of two nationally known Deaf and hearing interpreters with over thirty years of community-based interpreting experience and over ten years of developing, managing, and providing video remote interpreting services.


KIS understands that everything is interrelated. As a consumer, you will be able to count on our trusted access, through trusted relationships where you feel empowered to exercise your consumer choices within the Deaf community.

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Memberships and Partnerships

Keystone Interpreting Solutions is certified by the Minnesota Department of Administration. KIS also proudly sponsored the first-ever conference for Deaf interpreters in 2015 (http://www.deafterpconf.com). KIS is affiliated with:

Meet the K!S Team!

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Patty McCutcheon

Chief Executive Officer
IMG_9219 2

Jimmy Beldon

Chief Operating Officer
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Ronnie Zuchegno

KIS of NY Co-owner and Director of Interpreter Operations
IMG_9139 2

Lauren Lawer

Business Manager
IMG_9232 2

Estina Beldon

Media Relations
IMG_9195 2

Misty Portman

Office Manager

Courtney Wright

Interpreter Scheduler

Lance Hall

Project Manager

Logan Waldo

Seasonal Special Project Staff

Meet the K!S Staff Interpreters

IMG_9147 2

Taylor Gjesdahl

(MN Metro Area)
IMG_9182 2

Jamie Schumacher

(MN Metro Area)

Rita van der Puije

Interpreter/ Interpreter Scheduler (MN Metro Area)
IMG_9190 2

Becky Lukkason

(Southern MN Area)
IMG_9184 2

Daisy Jo Shuda

(Southern MN Area)

Mabel Najarro

Interpreter/Interpreter Scheduler
(New York)
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