The KIS Solution to Ensuring Quality, Trusted Access.

If you are a certified or non-certified interpreter, upon entering this
brand-new program, you will be matched with a mentor.
You will be given a chance to further polish your specific skill(s), and the KIS mentoring program is the right place for you to receive this type of training.
The mentor will train you, with the goal of helping you achieve further proficiency in ASL. Intensive, one-on-one ASL lessons will be provided.
Mentoring is also available for parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with Deaf and
Hard of Hearing children.
KIS believes everyone brings something to the interpreting table after going through our mentoring program. You will be contacted as soon as you send in a completed form.
Mentor Me!
Fill out the form expressing your interest and providing your contact information. We will contact you as soon as we receive your completed form.
If you have additional questions,
contact KIS.