KIS Internship

Need an internship to graduate from your ITP? Apply to KIS! Keystone Interpreting Solutions is excited to partner with you, your school, and working interpreters to fulfill your internship requirements! Interpreter Specialists will schedule your work, Staff interpreters will mentor you alongside community members, and your skills will skyrocket! KIS desires to engage with you in your learning experience. Apply for an interpreting internship with KIS to learn the ropes of freelance interpreting and improve your work.


Application Process

Fill out an application which includes personal information, education information, interpreting goals, an interpreting sample, and references. You will receive an email notifying you that the application is submitted. KIS staff will review each application and select a handful of students for a round of interviews. Once the interviews are completed, one student will be selected to partner with KIS for a spring 2020 internship.


Internship Perks

Wide variety of jobs

Opportunities to observe legal interpreting and medical interpreting!

Hour flexibility

Learn the "behind the scenes" of freelance interpreting

Tailored mentorship

Working with staff interpreters and contracted interpreters