KIS’ VRI Announcement




White skinned middle age man with glasses and black long sleeves with KIS logo on the side of their chest sitting in front of a blue background.

He starts signing: “Hello and a good morning.  KIS has seen a swift and sweeping impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we take it very seriously.  Many people are forced to change their lives and how we do our work. Rather than working outside our homes we will need to consider working from our homes. Patients are being asked to contact their health care provider through their phone rather than coming in.  As an owner of an interpreter agency and a Deaf individual that hires within the Deaf community, this pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us. In these changing times we look to our Deaf community for your support by coming together in solidarity.  If you see an opportunity to receive services through VRI, please contact KIS and we will help make that connection.  KIS is ready to accommodate your VRI request with a staff of highly qualified and familiar interpreters. If you are not familiar with Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), it is different than the traditional VRS services you might expect when making a phone call.  VRI is a for appointments where you are in the room with your provider or you are meeting in a chat room online and the interpreter is in the same online video screen to facilitate your communication.  This is what KIS does with Video Remote Interpreting. At your work, we can secure an interpreter through VRI to meet with your boss or your employees, an interpreter will appear on the screen and you can participate in the meeting as if the interpreter was in the same room. If you need interpreting services for a phone call, please use the Video Relay Services. But, for a doctor’s appointment, we understand, during this pandemic, some interpreters and deaf individuals might not feel comfortable attending in person for the appointment. Please ask your health care provider for a VRI option. We can help you with the set up and continue the appointment through VRI. Let’s support each other and support a deaf owned businesses like KIS at this time of need. Thank you for your wonderful support and we look forward to serving you into the future. Please stay safe!”

Video ends with KIS logo saying “KIS: Keystone Interpreting Solutions”