WIN Update

KIS is excited to announce that we will be hosting WIN, our recent graduate mentorship program, again this summer!

Our “Working Interpreter Network” (WIN) is a program that provides recently graduated interpreters who have passed the NIC Knowledge Exam an opportunity for mentored work and bi-monthly meetings. The program will use the Zoom virtual platform every two weeks. Each session will be two hours long.

We are so excited to be offering this opportunity for recent graduates again!

Working Interpreters Network (WIN) Program

Are you a graduate of an interpreter training program? If so, congratulations! WIN is the next step on your journey towards becoming a working interpreter. Every summer the Keystone Interpreting Solutions’ trained & certified team conducts Working Interpreters Network (WIN), a ten-week intensive training program for up to ten selected pre-certified interpreters who want to move up from being a student interpreter to a working professional. The focus will be on language, interpreting, and ethics, and there will be guided sessions, small group activities, advanced workshops, and an immersion retreat, along with opportunities to work in the community. You will be paid a pre-certified interpreter rate for your work during your time in the WIN program.


Keep an eye on KIS News page for upcoming announcements about the WIN program.
Don’t forget to fill out the WIN form and submit it with a video sample of your work.


One mentor to work with you on increasing your language proficiency, and another one to work with you on your interpreting skills. There will be on-the-job interpreter training in different settings, typically accompanied by an experienced KIS interpreter.


You will have opportunities to learn from the experienced interpreter while interpreting and/or observing.


After each job, your training will continue in person and online in which you will review your experiences, learn techniques & new skills, and get constructive feedback. You will also receive tools to help you with certification exams.

This program is also a formal “fast-track” route

to joining the KIS interpreting team.

To qualify for the WIN program, be pre-certified. KIS will want to meet with you (either in person or via video chat) to evaluate your interpreting skills. All applicants will be interviewed by the KIS staff, and keep in mind the number of applications received exceeds the maximum slots KIS can accept each year.

If you are one of the lucky eight WIN participants, and after you have completed the program, KIS will determine whether your name gets added to the KIS interpreter list of qualified, pre-certified interpreters for future interpreting assignments.

If you have additional questions, contact KIS at