Lights! Camera! Action!


Our KIS Media Studio does it all: we photograph, direct, edit, and video produce. We can go to your event and take photos, or if you have a video tutorial in mind, we get that done. We have access to equipment, trained personnel, and expertise to capture your vision on film/video, as well as adding voice to your signed videos or captions to your uncaptioned videos.



Script development; working with the text on the teleprompter.



Identifying location(s); screening and casting of talent.



Directing the cast/crew to capture your vision on film; providing equipment, lighting, and background.



Editing and proofing, both with the director’s involvement.


Overall management

Financing, production, and distribution.

ASL Translations

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At KIS, we have team of ASL experts who can translate your written English documents into ASL videos. Your English document could be anything:

  • General legal documents

  • Statewide standard testing for post-secondary education

  • Prison facility handbooks

  • Your letter

  • Your school essay

The process of translating written English into ASL is a lot like other language-to-language translation work: it requires full understanding of the two languages, which we at KIS possess in abundance. For a peek into our work with another company, Studio 120, we encourage you to view this video link: Click Here.

Request This Service

To request this service, send a brief message with your name and contact information to KIS at We will get back to you and go from there.

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