Two Different Languages

One Solution

By being with, participating with, and listening to YOU—the Deaf community, the hearing community, and interpreting professionals. We give back to the community through workshops, trainings, matching consumers to interpreters, giving consumers opportunities to express feedback during the interpreter-finding process, and by accepting consumer input to fine-tune your overall experience with our services. We provide trusted, reliable daily access for Deaf, DeafBlind, hard of hearing, and hearing Minnesotans by employing the talents of trained, certified, and qualified interpreters in a variety of specialities and settings.

Our Specialties

ASL Interpretation

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters provide English-to-ASL interpretation for clients in these settings: Educational, General, Legal, Medical, Team, and Theatre. ASL interpreters are assigned to the majority of the requests received by KIS. If a request contains rich content, an agency is strongly encouraged to submit all relevant information, such as presentation materials or meeting agendas, to our interpreter specialists at least one week in advance. These materials are essential to an ASL interpreter’s preparation.

VRI Interpretation

KIS provides a pre-scheduled service delivery system that enables all businesses looking for easy access to high quality interpreting services through video technology on portable computer devices anywhere, anytime. The system only requires minimal training, equipment and expense from the provider. By utilizing mainstream devices and video connection services, the KIS VRI System can customize our connection to bring you the team of interpreters that best fit your communication needs. With the included collaborative needs assessment, KIS experts provide a customized plan to address the communication needs specific to your environment.

Certified Deaf Interpretation

Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI) are trained and certified Deaf people who possess native knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL). CDIs often work with hearing interpreters to provide their Deaf, DeafBlind, or hard of hearing clients with specialized and nuanced cultural, visual, tactual, and linguistic translations.

Deaf Blind Interpretation

DeafBlind interpreters are trained in Pro-Tactile, which incorporates tactile American Sign Language in their interpreting work. For our DeafBlind consumers, we assign interpreters who are extensively trained and whose skills best fit the DeafBlind consumer.

Spoken Language Interpreters

Spoken language interpreters work with non-English speaking clients who speak a different language (such as Somali or Spanish) by providing them with translations from their spoken language to English, or vice versa.

Media & Translation Services

The process of translating written English into ASL is a lot like other language-to-language translation work: it requires full understanding of the two languages, which we at KIS possess in abundance.

We also provide full-stack media services including overall management, development, pre-production, production, and post-production